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Autumn colour

Autumn is my favourite season of the year, and a trip to the cooler highland areas to see the glowing colour change before winter is always a highlight.

Now is the perfect time for planting - evergreen or deciduous, and the best time for selecting autumn colouring trees. Deciduous trees are often overlooked in favour of evergreen, but there are many advantages to a deciduous tree - winter sun and summer shade, fresh foliage every year, ornamental shapes of the bare tree adding interest to your garden design, leaves lost in one foul swoop rather than all through the year and those lovely fallen leaves add to the soil humus.

For those of us in the cooler climates now begins the gradual procession of autumn colour, however even those living in warmer areas can have the benefit of colour with careful selection.

The following trees will produce some colour even in coastal climates: Persimmon, Chinese Tallows, Liquidambar, Gingko, Golden Rain Tree, Sunburst Gleditsia, Chinese Pistachio, Crepe Myrtle, Magnolia stellata and White Cedar.

For more information on these and other varieties see our Autumn Colour section, or talk to one of our qualified sales team.