Advanced trees and hedging

Tree Sizes

Trees are grown in the ground then dug with a specially designed machine in winter, the whole root ball of the tree is thus preserved. The root ball is then potted into either a rigid plastic container or grow bag until it is fully consolidated.

Our policy is to sell only stock that has a fully developed root system. Trees from 25mm calliper up are treated this way.

Present height is not such a good judge as to the eventual height and shape of the tree as is the calliper, or thickness of the trunk, which is measured 300mm above ground level.

Generally speaking:

Litre Calliper Height Spread
45 15 - 25mm 1.5-2m 0.6-1m
75 25 - 35mm 2-2.5m 1m
100 40 - 50mm 2.5-3.5m 1-2 m
200 60 - 70mm 3.5-4.5m 1.5-3m
300 70 - 80mm 4.5m 3-4m
400 80 - 90mm 4.5-6m 3-4m
600 90 - 100mm 5-6m 4-5m
800 100 - 120mm 5.5-7m 4-5m
1000 120 - 150mm 5.5-8m 4-5m
2000 150 - 200mm 6.5-9m 4-5m

These measurements are a rough guide only and are dependant on the variety of the tree.

Pot sizes & planting advice

The general rule of thumb for planting is at least twice the width of the rootball and to the same depth. Here are the dimensions of the pots, therefore just multiply the diameter by two to obtain the planting hole width.

Pot size Diameter Height
25L 300mm 250mm
45L 420mm 350mm
75L 465mm 500mm
100L 520mm 560mm
200L 700mm 625mm
400L 980mm 715mm
600L 1200mm 600mm
800L 1300mm 600mm
1000L 1500mm 600mm
2000L 2000mm 800mm

We also recommend that a light root prune be given to the rootball prior to planting to encourage new growth.