Advanced trees and hedging

Tree sizes

At Winter Hill we specialise in mature trees but when choosing a Winter Hill tree it is still important to take into consideration the maximum dimensions of each species.

To help make the right choice for your garden, property or project we've divided our trees into size categories. The size will mainly be determined by the height but in some cases the spread of the tree or volume of the tree will also determine size.

Small: Less than 7 metres tall
Medium: 7 — 15 metres tall
Large: Taller than 15 metres

Winter Hill Tree Farm offers a variety pot sizes for each of the species we have in stock which we identify by the litre capacity of the pot. The larger the pot size the older the tree. Once you have chosen your tree you can decide what size you would like to purchase.

Click here for more information on the estimated size of tree you can expect for each pot size.

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