Advanced trees and hedging

Winter Hill Heritage Trees

At Winter Hill we specialise in mature trees because our customers are looking for instant impact that can only be achieved by using big trees.

Over the last 30 years Winter Hill has nurtured a select range of trees which now form our exclusive Winter Hill Heritage Range. They fall within a variety of species but each shares the qualities that define a Winter Hill Heritage Tree - age, size and perfect form.

Every Winter Hill Heritage Tree is at least 15 years old, representing unique quality and grandeur that only time and experience care can achieve.

Each tree selected for the limited Winter Hill Heritage Tree is a statement worthy of acknowledgment for generations to come.

These trees are magnificent and irreplaceable and perfect for your next landscaping project. We have already chosen the next group of trees to grow through but they will not reach the stature worthy of a Winter Hill HeritageTree for some years to come.

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