Advanced trees and hedging

Driveway and Avenue

A tree lined driveway is a wonderful way to define the entrance to your property and Winter Hill Tree Farm grows a wide range of trees perfect for avenue planting.

When choosing the trees for your driveway the main point to consider is the width of the space you have to fill to ensure you have enough room for the trees to grow to their full height and width without impacting high vehicle access.

So take into consideration the dimensions of the tree canopy. If your driveway winds through an open paddock then you will have room for a tree like the Manchurian Pear or a Pin Oak. If you want to line a more conventional suburban driveway then the Robinia Mop Top, Capital Pear or a Crabapple will be a better option.

Also think about the spacing of the trees. Do you want them to grow together or be spaced so they retain their individual shape?

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